2011 Bucket List

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Every year make a bucket list, if you haven’t seen the movie, look at this post, 2009 buck list. i try to make of things that i want to do for the year, so i can either laugh or cry, when i look back at what i did.

ok, these are the things that i want to do for 2011, wish me luck.

  1. Love God, with all that i am. Mark 12:30
  2. Take care of the family, especially with another keiki on the way.
  3. Get back in to shape, and start surfing again.
  4. Save some $$$ and be debt free.
  5. Do only 1-2 weddings a month, and get back into surf photography.
  6. Learn how to read and write japanese ???
  7. Go skydiving
  8. get more nerdy on my computer and learn a 3D animation program
  9. Want to move into a house, or get a new car.
  10. Do help-portrait Hawaii 2011, giving the gift of photography.


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