2014 Bucket List

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Another year has past and its time to evaluate what I did in 2013, as the same as last year some of my goals have been completed, change or even got worst, but either way, this is a way for me to look at what I want to do and speaking out loud to all of you out there in cyber space. You guys can keep me accountable to my goals and keep me on path to finding happiness and all the warm fuzzies.

The 2013 bucket list recap

1. Love God, with all that i am. Mark 12:30 – go back to church weekly, I like New Hope -Work in progress
2. Family vacation to Japan, last time was (2006). need a family portrait. – Went to japan in April 2013 with family, still need the portrait.
3. Get back in to shape, and start surfing 2-3 times a week. – only surfing the internet, this needs to change now, i miss surfing. Work in progress
4. Save some $$$ and be debt free. – paid off half of my credit cards rest – Work in progress
5. Update website video and get back into surf photography. – finished the new site, still want to do surf photography
6. Take more photos of my family and friends – don’t know how i did, Work in progress
7. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Path, use only one social media App, if possible. – only on Facebook and instagram.
8. Book 52 wedding for 2013 – 2014 – joined the wedding cafe in Dec 2013, should be good for 2014, started http://loveboxhawaii.com my new project.
9. Go Sky Diving -Work in progress
10. Want to get a 6D and GoPro (black)Recap of 2012 – Got it, cheeeehuuu, but want another Mark3 5D and GoPro 3+


The 2014 bucket list

1. Love God, with all that i am. Mark 12:30
2. Book 52 wedding for 2014 – 2015
3. Want to go to Disneyland with the family and Japan with the friends.
4. Want to pay off my credit cards and buy a house.
5. Need to get back in the water and surf, getting fat again, feel like crap. 🙁
6. Need to take a family portrait, especially with the new grom on the way!
7. Looking to do more in social media and marketing, check out  http://paywhatyouwantwedding.com promo
8. Still want to go skydiving.
9. Want to go full-time with the wedding photography and be able to work from home to be with my family more.
10. New equipment, want the 7D MarkII, 400mm 2.8, 24-70mm and the 15mm fisheye.



Thanks for reading, if any of you can help me with these goals, feel free to contact me, facebook, twitter or youtube.


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