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Brady Oshiro is a photographer, surfer and mac geek. This professional photographer shoots surfing with the emphasis on wedding photography. The Hawaii born native is on the island of Oahu, home to picture perfect rainbows, magical sunsets and beautiful hula girls. Brady is a father of three kids and married to his wife since 2001. When he’s not shooting beautiful brides or pro surfers, you will find him hanging out with his kids at the beach, surfing on the north shore, geeking out with the latest gadgets or enjoying an iced cold Heineken.

He is all about sharing the "ALOHA SPIRIT". Because of his love for photography and film, He has traveled the world experiencing many different cultures and people, as a result, he have developed an easy-going, free-flowng and professional style while he works.

Shooting surfing since 1993 working in the surf industry and have ventured into the wedding scene in 2004. He is self taught and has a graphic design background, sales and marketing experience and work with Apple computers. He speaks japanese (日本語) if that counts for anything.


His style has a photo journalist style when he shoot. Loves to document and tell a story with images. He's like shooting candid and natural looking images, also can do formal and posed shots, but like to have a "go with the flow" style of shooting. The best images are captured when people feel comfortable and relaxed. The goal is to share with you the Aloha Spirit with photography and will do our best to make you smile as we capture and tell your story.

Fun Facts

I love Surfing, Duh!
Born and raised in Hawaii.
love to travel, Japan, Bali, and Australia.
I know what Yo gabagaba is.
Monday is not the best day of the week.
BBQ and beers, over eating at a restaurant.
Don't have pets, unless kids count.
iPhone 6 or iPhone 6+
I drink Heineken, or anything with alcohol in it.
love Japan and everything in it.
My playlist Chris Tomlin, Jack Johnson, David Mathews Band, Dr Dre and Bob Marley.
Favorite football team is the one that covers the spread.
I would go to Las Vegas every month if i could afford it.
Speaking Japanese is not hard for me, but can't read kanji to save my life.
Eating ice cream is dinner for me.
Want to go sky diving - bucket list
Black is my favorite color.
I'm Japanese, but people think I'm hapa (half and half)
Graphic design was my major in college
My favorite camera is the one that i use the most
Genesis 1:3 is my favorite photography verse
I would try anything twice.
Family is most important to me
Jesus is my friend.

Genesis 1:3

And God said, "Let there be light," and there was light.