Wedding Ring – Before and After

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[beforeafter]after before[/beforeafter]

This is an example of how important editing a photo is in the photo taking process. Most of the camera’s these days are really good and take a good photo, but taking the time to edit a photo is what separates good from great. This is why the photo editing process takes so long, we edit literally thousands of photos for every wedding we shoot. average turn around time is 3 months but in the busy seasons, it can take up to 6 month or more to finalize the photos.

in the photo above, this is what we did below:
1. White Balance – red tint is removed and looks closer to the natural color
2. bring back the details in the shadows, look at the bottom of the box.
3. put a vignette to bring focus to the ring.

if you want your photos in a hurry, we will skip the editing process, but think twice, do you want good or great photos?

thanks for reading, Aloha!


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