Underwater Graduation Photos

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UH Manoa graduation is coming up next week on Saturday, May 16, 2015. Anela contacted us and wanted to do something different with her graduation photos. We’re always down to do something different and this is what we ended up with. first time we got to shoot underwater graduation photos. We had lots of fun andContinue Reading

What a women wants in a man

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Found this on the internet, so guys before you ask your girlfriend to marry you, make sure you can fulfill the list. What  I Want In A Man! (The Original List) 1. Handsome                                6. In good shape 2. Charming                                 7. Dresses with style 3. Financially successful             8. Appreciates finer things 4. AContinue Reading


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Visit BJPENN.COM Just created a page for bjpenn.com i love MMA and always stoked to support the local talent. if you don’t know who BJ Penn is check out the site and join the community. aloha and see you at the new UFC battle.   About Us Veiw Portfolio Contact Us